About Us

Our Vision

The call to “Go ye…” is to us all from Mark 16:15-16. God specifically spoke to the hearts of Tim and Kris Mann in 1989. He said, “You are not to travel full time, that we were to go to the place I have called you to go. To get back to our call of establishing churches and developing leaders in the body of Christ.”

Our Mission

A beloved friend, Rev. Jim Zirkle told them many times that the mission of the church is missions and the mission of missions is the church. All things are to build the Kingdom of God!

The specific Mission of  CBI, The Surge, and the Manns is a call to all (both men and women) who desire to do more in the Kingdom and to help them become qualified, to help send and to go to all the world preaching the Good News of the Gospel, experiencing the miraculous, seeing supernatural healings and health come to all peoples, training the armies of God to go forth and do marvelous exploits in His Name.

Our Mandate

Who We Are

Tim and Kris Mann, founders and senior directors, are ministers among ministers of the Gospel of Jesus Christ with a burning to touch the touch-able who desire to learn, to grow. to stand continually mature and entire into God’s plan for their lives.

What We Do

The Surge and CBI, with all its dimensions of ministry, teach the powerful Word of God through the dynamic explosive power of God the Holy Spirit! Doing this through local Surge Church Live and Online ministry services, through the internet expanse, and through on-going weekly building up of the Body of Christ in the area of healings. With prayer for healing every service, the last six years having weekly Healing School, now in the weekly Virtual Healing School format. Fully expecting to set the captives free both within the church and without, of sickness and disease.

Why We Do This

Our primary ministry goal is to make disciples of all people. To set the captives free is to do whatever is within our ability and available resources to assist You to be totally prepared for God’s plan for fullness of power and might in Your Lives! This is done by making available our many resources: Surge Live and online resources, Dabar Bible Institute - our full year Bible school, Church Builders International’s ministers and ministry organizations  spanning many states, Virtual Healing School, our presently weekly online class, and through the ongoing local weekly ministry and services of The Surge Church in Traverse City, Michigan.

List of CBI Ordained Ministers

About The Founders

Tim and Kris met in Muskogee, Oklahoma. They were both there for the divine directive to attend Rhema Bible Training Center, Tulsa, Oklahoma. Tim arrived in Oklahoma a year before Kris. An Engineer student from Franklin University with an eager desire for the call of God on his life. At the end of Tim’s first year at Rhema, he became to Assistant Pastor for at a fellow Rhema student’s church located in Muskogee. Kris began in Oklahoma work at a Veteran’s Administration hospital, an registered nurse who had gotten saved at 21 and God called her to the ministry within the first year of her Christianity. She began attending the church Tim and his fellow Rhema student we ministering.

Tim and Kris’ were married in Muskogee in 1980. Billy Joe Daughtery assisted the Manns in their steps into ministry through Colorado Spring, Colorado. They worked in the church there for a season, and were invited to take over a Bible study in Pueblo, Colorado. Through miraculous events this Bible study became a church, which was first of over nineteen churches that the Manns have started in Colorado, New Mexico, Kansas, and many more.

The Manns directed and pastored the ministries together. Tim flowing through his Prophet-Teacher mantle, and Kris through her Pastor-Evangelist mantle. With powerful mentors and leaders such as Rev. Burnie Davis, Dr. Buddy Harrison, Dr. Bob Lemon, Revs. Charles and Francis Hunter, Dr. Lester Sumrall, to have a power linage of God’s dynamic blood flow!

The Manns attended Kenneth E. Hagins Bible Training Center and Oral Roberts Univerity. Through these ministry deposits and direct prophetic words their Mission exploded in them to be a part of God’s last day’s Tsunami of Healing Power being poured On and Through the Body of Christ, Proclaiming the Good News of God’s Healing Power to God’s fullness of health and healing.

The Manns lead a powerful ministry and minister’s organization, Church Builders International. They have pioneered churches, a Bible school, authored books, worked and assisted over a hundred churches on various Ministerial and Advisory Boards.

Thought to be unable to have children, the Manns have three wonderful sons and five (so far) grandchildren, with many more family and ministers who have been intimate parts of make the foundation of this miraculous ministry.