Timothy & Kristeen Mann

Tim & Kris have been in full time ministry since 1980 - starting and pastoring nineteen churches as well as traveling in ministry, nationally and internationally. They have authored and administered in-church Bible schools, authored multiple books & publications, as well as mentoring and assisting the creation of team ministries in multiple local congregations in Colorado, New Jersey, Ohio and Michigan. They also are on the board for multiple churches nationwide. 

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John & Sandra Posey

John Posey aka “The Video Preacher”, with his wife, Sandra, is Pastor and founder of Zoe Christian Fellowship City Church Inc. and the president and founder of Personal Growth International, Inc., a ministry committed to business and ministry leadership development. John has developed a digital learning center to promote continual growth amongst business and church leaders. He offers live webcasts, video blogs, podcasts, and streaming media resources to individuals who are looking to maximize their personal potential and fulfill the "high call of God" on their lives. 

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Richard Maus  

With over 25 years of successful ministry experience to the body of Christ, ministry leaders, parents, and children, Richard has helped leadership teams become reignited to reach our world. He has traveled throughout much of the US, as well as internationally to England, Jamaica, Guatemala, Peru, and Russia, bringing hope, encouragement, and practical ideas to change the lives of men & women, young people and those who minister to them. He also has experience as an Assistant Pastor and Senior Pastor, which allows him to have a unique perspective in all aspects of church ministry. 

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Rebekah Lemley

Over the past 32 years in serving God, Rebekah Lemley has experienced many journeys as a woman, wife, co-founder and pastor of several churches in Northern Michigan. In 1991 through the major decisions of others, Rebekah found herself facing life altering challenges and changes. In deep sorrow and pain she fought her emotions to keep herself in the Word of God, and daily follow the leading of God’s Holy Spirit. Through the Holy Spirit, Rebekah ministers by getting to the “Heart of the Matter” with counsel, revelation, insight and knowledge. Her heart is to see God’s people get back in the race, and fulfill the call God has for them, in their homes, on their jobs, in the world.